Product Overview

affiliate management software

eLitius is an affiliate management software. It can be easily integrated in your site design.

  • PHP 4.3.0 or above
  • MySQL 4.0 or above
  • Unix/Linux/Windows Hosting
  • Apache 1.3 or above (mod_rewrite required)
  • Around 10Mb Storage Space

eLiitus Features

Easy (and even FREE!) installationdirectory software
Easy startup for beginnersdirectory software
Fully customizable (only simple html knowledge needed)directory software
Smarty Template systemdirectory software
No setup fee or monthly chargesdirectory software
Excellent Supportdirectory software
Lifetime FREE supportdirectory software
Lifetime FREE upgradesdirectory software
Reliable Tracking Systemdirectory software
Unlimited affiliatesdirectory software
Easy integration with virtually every shopping cart/payment gatewaydirectory software
Full multi language support with dynamic language switchingdirectory software
Product Groups Manager (set the comission for each product!)directory software
Unlimited Multi-tierdirectory software
Auto-approve comissionsdirectory software
Auto-approve affiliate accountsdirectory software
Adjustable payout amountdirectory software
Integrated Language Editordirectory software
Transactions historydirectory software
Unlimited Bannersdirectory software
Unlimited text-adsdirectory software
Custom comission for affiliatesdirectory software
Approve new affiliatesdirectory software
Approve comissionsdirectory software
Full Transaction managementdirectory software
Customizable email templatesdirectory software
Full history of email communicationdirectory software
Mass mailerdirectory software
Accounting viewdirectory software
Payouts Historydirectory software
PayPal Payoutsdirectory software
Bank wire transfer payoutsdirectory software
Regular Check Payoutsdirectory software
Show/hide banners from affiliates optiondirectory software
Show/hide text ads from affiliates optiondirectory software
Interactive banner creation systemdirectory software
Interactive text-ad creation systemdirectory software
Commmon real-time statisticsdirectory software
Traffic & Sales graphical reportdirectory software
Affiliate Real-time statisticsdirectory software
Standard affiliate commissions statisticsdirectory software
Tier commissions statisticsdirectory software
Payment historydirectory software
Affiliate Transaction Historydirectory software
Affiliate Traffiic Logsdirectory software
Affiliate Comission detailsdirectory software
Ready to go code snippetsdirectory software
Banners easy to integrate codedirectory software
Text ads easy to integrate codedirectory software

free download

free download


I love eLitius. From the the very beginning they offer free installation. It is the affiliate solution I was looking for. It is cheep, effective, professional and the customer Support is great. If you want to build an affiliate program than use this solution.

Tom Robinson