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Originally Posted by Simon66 View Post
Also, can you tell me what the term 'payout amount' means?
What is the 'Create Comission' page for?
If I add a 'payout amount' and a 'Sale Amount' on the 'Create Comission' page, the 'payout amount' adds to the commission percentage on the 'Approval Comissions' page. Is this correct?

Thanks in advance
Hi Simon,

'Payout Amount' means which sum you are going to pay as a comission to an affiliate.
'Create comission' page has been created to let the affiliate manager create a comission manually in case if the sale for some reason wasn't tracked by the system.

If you add a 'payout amount' and a 'Sale amount' on the 'Create Comission' page then the approval comission is going to be created - all values are entered manually.
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