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Default Elitius Free Install Problems

I'm a web developer for an online retailer and we are investigating different affiliate program options. Elitius appears to have the features we're looking for, however, before making a purchase we wish to test the software to ensure it meets our needs. I have downloaded Elitius Free V1.0 from Login :: eLitius Affiliate Management Software and followed the install steps from eLitius Installation Manual :: eLitius Affiliate Management Software.

The software is running with one noticeable problem. The bottom-controls in the admin panel do not work correctly in IE (v7.5730.13). When any page in the admin panel that uses these controls is viewed, the slideDown to animate the controls works and creates the bordered area containing the select drop down. However, the form elements themselves (select box and go button) cannot be interacted with and are invisible save for the fact that they can be highlighed with a mouse click+drag. If the user browses to another tab for some time then returns to the control panel sometimes the form elements appear, sometimes they do not. This bug does not appear to occur in Firefox.

I have tried to recreate the bug in a sandbox using both 1.1.2 and 1.2.6 versions of JQuery for a slide down effect and cannot recreate it locally. I updated the JQuery to 1.2.6 on the server with the same problem. Our sales staff use only IE and we have tried this on multiple machines with the same result. Before investing in your software we'd like to know if this problem can be resolved as it makes Elitius virtually unuseable for us.

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