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what if they dont have a website. i want them to have a site just like the main site . thats what i am wondering, does the software give them some kind of duplate site where they can change the links that are already on the site to there affilate links. ok my program is a training site once someone signs up they go through training in training they sign up for a number of safelists and other advertizing sites . once they sign up they need to change the link to there id not mine . does your software make this possiale or is this something i have to do manualy. you what i mean lets say you sign up for a safelist, you get your email saying please activate your program, you click on it and their is the safelist but only with your info on it . how does that happen is that what your software does or how do i get my program to work that way. hope you can understand what i am talking about .. thanks renae
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