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Exclamation Something strange is happening on!

Hi Support,

Two weird incidences happened this morning, in the a.m. hours for me, during your normal business hours.

1. I attempted to contact you through your live support at 2:30 pm your time, but it was showing off-line; maybe it was suppose to be or maybe there is a problem with the site. I decided to try back and I cannot locate your live support button any where, no matter where I click.

2. I tried to submit a support ticket, the one that requires the coded letters to prevent spamming, the buttons will not work.

Well, this forum seems to be working. Um, what is going on?

There are some issues that have come up, and I need to discuss them with support. I will periodically try to find the live support icon or hopefully, I will receive return contact through my live support icon at; your are able to make live contact and/or leave an off-line message several ways. Please let me know how to contact you since the live support icon is not displayed or being able to submit a support ticket does not seem to be working.


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